Privacy Policy faithfully believes in the significance as well as sensitivity of your personal bio data and we do not believe in disclosing your personal bio data with others that may cause any kind of distress to you by any means. This store assures in taking every measure that is needed to safeguard its customer`s personal rights. We would like to disclose to our valuable customers that we religiously follow the international laws and rules of privacy and diligently abide by them.



The following information is saved for your own personal benefit: 

In order to give rise to a worthwhile buying experience for our brand loyal customers we get the fundamental information from them, however it is cent percent their own choice to disclose their valuable bio data with us or not.


We save the following information from our visitors:


1) The exact date on which our visitors register. When they fill our online form, their private details are saved with us. We use this valuable information to establish correspondence with our potential buyers and to help them retrieve their specific login details and go ahead  with the most extra ordinary worthwhile shopping experience.


2) Any data that our potential buyer provide us when they click on us can be saved for reference that may be useful in the future.


3) We do not believe in sharing, rent, sell, or reveal our visitors personal and private details with anyone else anonymously.


4) We may send you offers as well as newsletters of our own particular interest which you could request us to stop or hold at any point of time as well.


5) Only company involved in the shipping has the access to your personal contact details so that you may get access to your order without any kind of inconvenience.




Your personalized financial details are never stored:


A outsourcing merchant provider`s stage is being used to carry out all sort of financial transactions so that your own specific private data is always kept safe as well as secure and you can always enjoy a worthwhile as well as unique shopping experience only at