Terms & Conditions

Acknowledgement and Acceptance:

 By using this website, you religiously agree entirely to all our reasonable terms as well as applicable laws and following them will be completely at your own risk.


We may bring considerable changes to these fore mentioned terms and conditions at any time by posting any kind of changes at this website, without letting you know beforehand.


Intellectual Property Rights Disclaimer:


All kinds of graphic related specialities such as images, design, illustrations, along with logos and clips etc all belong to our intellectual property and we always own them. Our website is also religiously protected by virtue of copyright laws and using any kind of data, image or content from our website is completely prohibited by us.


Visitors are not at all allowed to use the material at our website without our permission and we strictly do not even allow it for even any kind of personal use.


Webpage Content:


We always reserve complete rights to rectify information on our page anytime we feel needed. If any kind of changes or modification occurs after placing an order for our product, and if buyers are not having sense to be satisfied with our product or service, they would be religiously liable to make return or exchange the item as per our policy.


Virus Warning:


We cannot take assurance of any sort of file or program available for execution from our site which is usually free from all kinds of viruses or worms and no such condition have been reported so far for the damage of hardware or software with which it might be used. It is completely your responsibility to scan any such doubtful data for the purpose of viruses.


Terms Of Sale:


When an order is placed following steps are taken religiously by slimfitjackets.co.uk:


Customers' personal data is always stored for the sake of order processing and customer's financial details are being diligently checked by our reliable merchant provider.


Policy of Pricing:


We offer our valuable products in 3 major currencies at our website for your ease. You can choose to pay us in USD (American Dollar - $), GBP (British Pounds - £) or even Euro (€).


Limitation of liability:


Our liability of harm criteria from any kind of cause of action shall be completely limited to the particular amount actually that is paid by customer for the cause of applicable services or the product itself. We in any case shall not be liable for any kind of incidental damages, complete loss of profits even in the case if we are advised of the certainties that may exist in the case of possibility of such damages.


No Waiver:


In the case if the above mentioned rules as well as regulations are not followed, we will still be faithfully entitled to use our rights even in the case if you do not follow these terms and conditions.


Governing Law and Dispute Resolution:


The Terms and Conditions along with all our policies will be religiously interpreted utterly as per the United Arab Emirates laws and the related courts will practice the jurisdiction. In the case of the problem between our store and the customer cannot be solved on grounds of mutual understanding, then the corresponding parties will agree that any one of them can refer to any dispute.


In case of any kind of query regarding our Terms & Conditions, please don't hesitate to contact us at info@slimfitjackets.co.uk and our smartest customer service will spontaneously respond to serve you!